About Us

First, let’s clear a few things up…

True, the brand name is unusual – that’s why we chose it. The point was to catch people’s attention and make a connection to our region through the use of this characteristic animal. Flying Donkey was created in the Balkans, which is known for its beautiful, sexy people who love to enjoy life, want to look damn good and leave an impression wherever they go… And that’s exactly the vibe we want to bring to you.

Our photographic prints are the core of the brand, each of them telling its own story. We are inspired by almost everything – street and pop culture, movies, photography and design, and all sorts of life situations. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, it has to be intriguing to us, and will hopefully catch your attention, too.

Flying Donkey is exactly that – a streetwear brand for the cool, contemporary people who attract attention with their personalities, no matter if they’re preps, hipsters, skaters, party people or anything in between… In any case, you’ll look good and be noticed.

The rest is up to you.